Former alcoholics dating

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the Antitois' cell, "self-contained, a monomitotic cell, eccentric and borderline-incompetent"; death, 486; Front-Contre-O. 49-50; ETA student; introduced Hal to marijuana, 67; 633; Boston AA 343; Betty Crocker Cake Mix trope, 467; Boston Univerity 284; Terriers, 286; Bouncety-Bounce, Mr. children's program; "-brand bow-biters" 111; 520; "appears in his old cloth-and-safety-pin diaper and paunch and rubber infant-head mask" 648; 878; Gately loves the show, 922; Bow&Arrow 129; gay bar in Harvard Squar[e], Boston bradyphrenic 314.1-3; lost or impaired ability to make decisions or act independently, abulic. B.) 542; 708; Bröckengespenstphänom 88; (fn.38) "Goethe's well-known"; 641 Brookline Young People's Mtg. writer/philosopher Candida Albicans 33; a dimorphous organism that can be either a yeast, in which form it is not invasive, or a fungus, in which form it is. Cambridge NA group Clenette See Henderson, Clenette clicks 573 4; kilometers Clinton, Hillary R. C.) 382; Clipperton, Eric 407; Clipperton Brigade; fin de siecle unseeded 16-year-old tennis legend who threatened to shoot himself if he ever lost a game; 431; from Crawfordsville IN, 433; 681; Clow, Lori fn.209/1035; ETA student playing microtennis w/Freer CNS 292; central nervous system cockroaches 44-45 Columbia Guide to Refractive Indices Second Edition 161; book young J.

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H., see Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex East Coast Aero Tech 602; where Gatlely's predecessor as male live-in Staff worked eating cheese 202; Boston street term for informing, squealing, narcing, ratting out Echt, Tina 381; ETA's youngest student (7 years old); background, 523-24 Eckwus See Reese, Equus Ecstasy of St. " joke, 445; Fackelmann, Eugene ("Fax") 614; criminal colleague of Gately's; "Dilaudid. Fackelmann's Mount Doom" 886; "eliminated map after the insane scam on Sorkin and a disastrous two nights of Dilaudid" 886; "a towering, slope-shouldered, wide-hipped, prematurely potbellied, oddly priapistic, and congenitally high-strung Dilaudid addict with a walrusy mustache" 912; scamming Sorkin, 916; "temporary giganticism in one tit" 931; eyes sewn open, 979; falcate 1019.5 4; sickle-shaped Family Trivia 521; 771 Father & Son Market 115; near ETA; 476; Ngs', 593; Benson & Hedges, 759; faute-de-mieux 403; Feaster, Ernest 697; a depressed civil engineer (of Wellesly MA) who built model trains whom Kate Gompert came to know Federated Funnel and Cone Corp. T.'s office when Hal & Pemulis got spot urinalysis by O. Howell, played by Jim Backus in American TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island." Howl 906; Allen Ginsberg's famous poem about his lost generation Hoyne, Henri F. 154; aka Avril Incandenza Iaccarino 231; Chaplin-archivist at Notkin's party I. Mainwaring, Reeves 238; at Notkin's party Makavajev 233; possibly Dusan Makavejev, Belgrade-born filmmaker. (American Heritage Dict.) Moment magazine Orin to be interviewed by some profiler from, 48; story about heart-in-a-purse lady, 142; article about Army DMZ casualty, 214; "medical, soft sports, personality, and home-entertainment-trends reporting" 227; story on Orin, 244, 1012; "supermarket-checkout-lane-display magazine" 244; "physically imposing Moment girl" 246; "a national magazine for and about exceptional people" 660; Monroe, Dr. Leary's original circle"; treats Sorkins headaches; big Grateful Dead fanatic; perhaps got the DMZ he sold to Antitois from Kite; Montcalmists 420; Canadian resistance group Montesian, Ms. Munch, Edvard 1016; 1863-1944; Norwegian artist famous for his painting "The Scream." Murnau 219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment mythology Icarus, 65; "Tristan and Isolde. Agamemnon and Helen, Dante and Beatrice." 105; "Helen and Paris. -SMR-]; "Subsidized Time," 234; 260; "a revenue-response to the heady costs of the U. N.-Sunstrand waste-intensive fusion facility up in what used to be Montpelier" Sutherland, Joan fn.324/1069; theme; (b. (1837-1909) fn.269/1047; British poet and critic who wrote musical, often erotic verse in which he attacked the conventions of Victorian morality. volunteer to view cartridges; partial colostomy, 725; Ta Tung Corp. 3; bald, plump & 48 years old (314); Headmaster at Enfield Tennis Academy; half-brother of Avril Incandenza; "a former engineer most recently employed in Amateur Sports Administration at Throppinghamshire Provincial College, New Brunswick, Canada" 64; "either Mrs.

Veteran's Administration, 137; "resembles seven moons orbiting a dead planet" 193; Enfield Tennis Academy ("ETA") 3; boarding school in Enfield, MA; layout, 51-52; 63; "hilltop shaved flat" 79; pre-Tavis motto: "Te Occidere Possunt Sed Te Edere Non Possunt Nefas Est" 81; Tavis' new ETA motto: "The Man Who Knows His Limitations Has None" 81; "ritualistic [...] bitching and moaning" 111; "We're each deeply alone here" 112; 153; 6-term Entertainment Requirement, 188; philosophy of, 188; prorectors, 283; dawn drills, 452; blue, 508; inanimate objects on the move, 632, 671, 765; "a progression toward self-forgetting" 635; abundant tunnels, 666; Tunnel Club, 667, 899; brooms on the wall, 765; yearly November exhibition/fundraiser, 265, 852, 964, fn.321/1064; "Lots of the top players start the A. with a quick fit of crying" 864; Head Trainer before Loach suffered a terrible accident in the sauna, 971; Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House 137; founded in Boston by "Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name"; 193-98; described, 197; Dream Duty, 272, 785; "20 bored crammed-together street-canny people" 596; entrepôt 216; "the incredibly potent stash now wrapped tight in Saran and stashed deep in the toe of an old sneaker that sits atop the aluminum strut between two panels in subdorm B's drop ceiling"; "Entrepôt-bound" 916; "Pemulis's entrepôt-yachting-cap" fn.5a/983; "This was way before the discovery of the ultimate entrepôt above the false ceiling in Subdorm B's male hallway" fn.324/1067; Epps, Columbus 38; brother of Delores Epps Epps, Delores 37; sister of Columbus Epps Erdedy, Ken 17; pothead; Ennet House resident, 209; "college-boy ad-exec" "a yuppy, an account executive at Viney and Veals Advertising" in late 20s, 360; at NA meeting, 503; Eschaton 154; tennis-court game based on CD-ROM nuclear-conflagration game (fn.53/997); "a Croatian-refugee transfer had brought [it] up from the Palmer Academy in Tampa" 284; 321-42; ESCHAX directory, 509; Ethan From 884; book Gately couldn't finish in 10th-grade English; 905; 906; 916 étoiles 674; shooting star; fn.273 Euclid 81; Ewell, Eldred K. ("Tiny") 85; "elf-sized" personal-injury attorney from Watertown, MA (208); 177 (not named); "white-collar" resident at Ennet House; "I'm not denying anything" 177; 205; "hypertensive flush and little white beard" 352; 362; Money-Stealers' Club, 810; Experialism "the beginning of the Experialist migration in the subsidized Year of the Whopper" 93; "great pre-Experialist upheaval" 283; 385; "a tight and considerably tighter Experialist U. of A.,under Gentle" 391; 402-06; 1013; Exposed Northerners 834; Northern Exposure, late 80s/early 90s weird TV drama F., Robert (aka Bob Death) 444; biker at TSBYSCD Group meeting; "What the fuck is water? Flanderfumes 647; brand of Belgian cigarette Steeply smokes Flatto, Thomas M., B. philosopher Henderson, Clenette 37; half-sister of Wardine; at Ennet House, 180; 363; janitor at ETA, 527; the maid in C. 169; Pemulis' ~ hat, presumably after character Mr. S., victim of "the Entertainment"; 647; Hoyne, Miriam 508; wife of Henri Huizenga, Wayne 415; owner of Blockbuster Entertainment (and at least one professional sports franchise.) Hundt Act 184; regarding FM bandwidth (1966) Hung Toys 131; front for Wo's dope business I, Mrs. , 726; "the family's light and pulse and the center that held tight" 737; everyone at the table inclines toward Avril "like heliotropes" 745; chattin with Mario in her office, 762; grandfather's unlucky gamble on Delaware Punch, 765; drunk father, 766; "Death incarnate, 790; "engaging in sexual enmeshments with just about everything with a Y-chromosome" 791; "mother had been ethnic Québecois, her father Anglo-Canadian" 897-98; father was a binge-drinker, 898; "The Moms full name is Avril Mondragon Tavis Incandenza, Ed. (Becoming a made man is something akin to getting tenure.) (Or so I've read.) Maggie: A Girl of the Streets 191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. Similar to (and often used concurrently with) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Mohammed 108; Arab prophet of Islam; established a theocratic state at Medina after 622 and began to convert Arabia to Islam. ergotic-vascular-headachetreatment specialized [who] interned at Sandoz [in Switzerland] [and was] one of T. having a sharp point Mulroney , (Martin) Brian fn.304/1058; Canadian president from 1984 - ?? 17; Oxford English Dictionary; 28; 30; 245; Ogilvie, Mr. 140; teaches "Introduction to Entertainment Studies" at ETA; 188; 411; 515; "Reflections on Refraction" class, 756; Old Nurse who Asks For Help 196; retired Air Force Nurse in Unit #4 at Ennet House; 608; "HELP WANTED sign up under the window of the lady in Unit #4 that shouts for Help" 894; Olders 471; Canadian scientist at the Brandon Psychiatric Center who discoveredp-terminals, aka "Rivers of Reward" O. I can't recall how I came up with my answer either. Harvard St." in Boston Sweeny, Chip 552; younger ETA student Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Party campaign manager" fn.156/1030; penis measuring, 548; in State House Annex, 622; White House Adviser on Interdependent Relations, 876; Tine, Rodney, Jr.

110/1005 Diehl, Gavin 177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596; Diggs, Mrs. Gompert Dimock Detox 272; where Geoffrey Day came from Dingley 564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House Disease "your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357; Dixon, Franklin W. R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditional fleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S. volunteer who viewed the Entertainment Des Monts 975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; Des Montes [sp] "had no realy loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078 Dickinson, Emily fn. 581; tracts by, being handed out by Bruce Green's aunt Minimal Mambo 229; danced at Notkin's party mint green Ford sedan 327; with Nunhagen Asprin ad on its right rear door, 332 Minty, Emil aka "yrstruly" (12/YDPAH), 128-35; resident at Ennet House, 178; 207; "hard-core smack-addict punk" 275; 300; 615; (Note, Emil Minty is the name of the child actor who plays the "Feral Kid" in the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie "Road Warrior.") Miss Diagnosis 450; "alto grad student" who is Madame Psychosis' replacement at WYYY; 624; Mitchell, Joni 966; disk of, playing in J. 151; marketed tongue scrapers; 413 Footprints 601; "depressing Sober Club in Somerville's Davis Square" (fn.246); Ford, G. bricklayer accident, 138-39; Ennet House resident with tatooed neck, 206; 275; 363; skygrid, 542; VW bug, 578; "has recurrent diverticulitis" 594; God does Hal believe in, asks Mario, 40; "the God of their understanding helps them find parking places" 204; "speaks and acts entirely through the vehicle of human beings" 205; "God might regard the issue of whether you believe there's a God or not as fairly low on his/her/its list of things s/he/it's interested in re you." 205; "Coordinated as God" 242; Godbout fn.24/988; his "neoconceptual structuralist films" parodied in Himself's Various Small Flames Gompert, Katherine Ann ("Kate") 68; suicidal drug-dependent patient; data-clerical in a Wellesley Hills real estate office, 69; resident at Ennet House, 206; 361; at NA meeting, 503; purse snatched by Poor Tony, 714; drinking with Maranthe, 774; missing from Ennet House, 824; [NOTE: there is a real life Kate Gompert, and she sued Wallace over the use of her name in IJ. urologist, 633; brought "shitload of cartridges" from ETA dumpster to Ennet House, 825; Herman The Ceiling That Breathed 447; in "decayed beach-cottage" in Salem MA where Gately lived as a child; 923; Hinton 253; Hm H 189; Headmaster's House at ETA, where Avril I. Dean of Academic Affairs and of Females" 288; smokes Benson & Hedges, 391; "The Black Hole of Human Attention" (Family Trivia) 521; "at 50 , is still endocrinologically compelling to males" fn.210/1035; Politeness Routine, 523; w/J. G.), 16; digging up his father's head, 17; "Is Himself still having this hallucination I never speak? 753; catatonic at the Shed; "the objay dart from the Shed that they come and install next to the Ennet House viewer some days" 818; Lord, Otis P. 571; near "what used to be Presque Isle Maine" LTIs 196 Ludditism 150; actually "Luddism;" opposition to technical or technological change Luke 257; Luke Skywalker, character in Star Wars who in the movie's climactic battle sequence does not "remove his targeting helmet" but in fact merely switches off his targeting computer in favor of "The Force" (the movie's quazi-religion.) Lung, The 51; inflatable covering for ETA tennis courts November-March; 153; inflation day (fourth Monday of November), 268; Luther 103; presumably Martin Luther, German theologian and leader of the Protestant Reformation. Lyle 114; guru in ETA weight room, who lives off others' perspiration; 127; Deus Providebit ("God Provides"), 198; and Himself, 249; 316; 379; dispensing wisdom for sweat, 387; visited in Ontario by Himself, fn.234 (1041); "appearance outside the weight room, upright and walking across the grounds" 433; hovering cross-legged "just a couple mm. 176; Executive Director, Ennet House in Enfield, MA; 196; had a stroke, 278; "photo-seizure-prone" 361; her black 1964 Ford Aventura, 461; husband, 461; background & description, 465; and Mars (husband? S., Canada, Mexico); tumesence of, 283; history, 391; 1013; O. Stice and The Bride), 628;11/11/YDAU match w/Hal described, 652; forehead stuck to window, 865; 3 statisticians joke, 867; bed is on the ceiling, 942; bet Coyle "he could stand on his desk chair and lift it up at the same time" 943; Stockhausen 281; ETA student on "C" team, singing opera on the bus Stokely-van Camp Corp. ) Store 24 206; where Mc Dade works Stott, Donnie 121; ETA student; Donni, 523, 965; "Valley-Map laugher" fn.324/1067; Stove, Betty 123; "Power-game tradition"; Dutch tennis player of the mid-70s, winner of numerous Grand Slam doubles titles playing with Wendy Turnbull. 49; of Orinda, CA; ETA student and Big Buddy to Tallat-Kelpsa, Traub & Whale; Gopnik); pet tarantula, 519; wears braces, 638; studying Québec-separatist history, fn.304/1055; about his dissipated dad, fn.304/1058; student engineer at WYYY 82; 239; kidnapped, 622-26; 726-27; Subject, The 43; Orin's affectionate moniker for his partners in one-night stands; 566; Subsidized Era 151; when corporations sponsor a year, which year the sponsor may name, at the end of which year they sell the sponsorship to the highest bidder; chronology, 223 (first was B. Heany Facility for Demonstrably Incorrigible Girls" 786; Fond du Lac's No Coat Inc. cell" (fn.39/994); 319; Marathe's superior, 420; "A. (1956 book by James Baldwin) Giving It Away "people are virtually unlimited in their need to give themselves away" 53; "Our attachments are our temple [...] What we give ourselves to" 107; 12th Step: speaking in front of AA Groups, 344; "We are all dying to give our lives away to something [...] A flight-from in the form of a plunging-into" 900 Glass, Philip 802; minimalist American composer Gleason, J(ackie) fn.324/1070; "Leith's historical b/w" American sitcom actor (played buffonish and noisy character Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners," a program that ran before color TV.) Gloeckner fn.324/1070; male ETA student w/ locker between Freer's and Hal's Glynn, Dwayne "Doony" R. Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder" fn.234/1039; Incandenza, Harold ("Hal") James 3; in Univ. G.; "verbal scores that are just quite a bit closer to zero than we're comfortable with" 6; essays parroting his parents' interests, 7; "familiar panic of feeling misperceived" 8; "Call it something I ate" 10; mold-eating incident, 10, fn.234/1041; in an emergency room "almost exactly one year back" (from 11/Y. (6' 1/4") tall in stocking feet" 898; reciting random facts, 898; "Himself, for two years before his death, had had this delusion of silence when I spoke: I believed I was speaking and he believed I was not speaking" 899; "I was the meat in the room's sandwich" 902; w/Pemulis, 907; thinks Pemulis is trying to get him to agree to take DMZ, 908; making cage of his hands, 909; "trying to align myself along some sort of grain in the world I could barely feel" 950; 3rd person narration, 964; at ETA Gala, Hal's face "assumed various expressions ranging from distended hilarity to scrunched grimace, expressions that seemed unconnected to anything that was going on" 966; DMZ-dream that he's the soldier and is "screaming for help and everybody's acting as if [he's] singing Ethel Merman covers [...] a quality of loneliness " fn.321/1063; Incandenza, James Orin, Sr. Thérèse 396; "character out of old Québecois mythology who was supposedly so inhumanly gorgeous that anyone who looked at her turned instantly into a human-sized precious gem"; "In most versions an opal" 529; Logan 710; large Boston airport where black addict works; where Québec team is to land, 853; Lolasister 130; junkie in Boston; 300; Longley, Bernadette 50; ETA student; 282; Lopate, Mrs. H., 639; kid sister, 643; at Stice/Hal match, 652; stelliform "sharp star of frond-shade" 165; "star's points" 187; Stelliform Cultism, 560; "perfectly round [...] radiating knives of light" 88; "gigantic asterisk shadows" 88; something Lenz talks about; "antihistorical American stelliformism" fn.304/1058; "stelliform offshoots" of Le Assassins " fn.304/1060; stemming 203; metro Boston for panhandling Steve's donuts 129; junkie hangout in Enfield Squar[e], Boston Stewart, Rod 44; British rock singer ("Rod the Mod") Stice, Ortho ("the Darkness") 17; patriotic ETA student; big fan of Schtitt, 105; Big Buddy to Wagenknecht; 264; rooms w/Coyle, 394; conferring w/Lyle, 394; fn.185; crewcutted, 520; counterphobia, 550; parents (Mr. Party, Gentle's party; "annular agnation of ultra-right jingoist.

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