07 May

Gems are special, in that a Camfrog Live broadcaster can actually cash them out for money directly to their Pay Pal account!

When you send a Virtual Gift from the Camfrog Store to someone while they are broadcasting on Camfrog Live, they’ll get Gems.

Gems are different than regular Achievement Points.

Q: What advice would you give to a new broadcaster?

A: Don’t leave your broadcast online when you’re not there, if you can help it. Q: How are you going to spend the money you made on Camfrog? I’m going to reinvest much of the profits made on Camfrog into my gym membership and trainer fees!!

The company also created https://(anonymous mobile chat rooms) and https://(live chat for reddit).

Click on the link for “Children’s.” Scroll down the list of songs—there are many that are water-related. Check out the other topics for other water related projects, e.g.

People will get used to you not being around and skip over your listing rather than revisiting regularly. I also like to give back to my viewers, I’ve had several contests to giveaway Camfrog pro codes and extremes.

Q: If you could invite anyone to broadcast with you, as a special guest, who would it be?

If you get the most people to download Camfrog and watch your broadcasts before January 31st using your special Live link, the Camfrog Live Team will join your next broadcast after Feb 1st and make it rain on you with 20,000 Gems!