Psychic love and dating advice

15 Feb

Rekindle the romance - build in a date night, or perhaps a weekend a way, rope in family and friends to support if you have children to look after, so you can really relax and remember what it is you love about each other.Talking in a neutral place when you both have time can be really useful and so can trying to place yourself in the other person’s position.It is much easier to resolve conflict from a place of empathy than anger…Almost all of us want to love someone and want to be adored and loved by someone in return.But the path to true love is not always plain sailing.

In the real world, we know that to have a long and fulfilling relationship we have to work hard at it.

When the heady throws of lust and romantic courtships are over and have been replaced with the humdrum of whose turn it is to take out the rubbish…It can feel unexciting, boring and just a bit flat.

These are just a few scenarios involving relationships, but other common themes are: “I have been with my boyfriend for many years now, but he is still not showing any signs of committing.” “I have been having an affair; do you think my partner will leave his wife as promised?