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31 Jul

LNJ and the aspiring model have been dating for over 3 years ...Jimmy Kimmel made a cameo - Larry appearing on ) popped up too as an FBI director advising Larry on dealing with the fatwa ultimately declared against him over the musical.This death threat will, according to the executive producer, hang over the whole of season 9, which got off to a punchy start tonight.He also engaged himself in a fight to offload his constipated assistant - played by Carrie Brownstein - and delivered manager Jeff a new musical, , based on Salman Rushdie's denunciation by the Ayatollah.Along the way we bumped into Cheryl, still split up from Larry and now working on an anti-FGM initiative, Susie Green, still wonderfully cantankerous and gaudily dressed, and Leon Black, with actor JB Smoove outdoing himself as Larry's unlikely friend continued to educate him on being more efficacious with his social interactions.

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The insider told Media Take, “Lolo and [Ndamukong] have been kickin it for a while, and they are serious. they make a great couple.” Like any other gossip report about two star athletes, you can take this with a grain of salt. Lolo has said before that she is waiting for someone who is looking for more than just hooking up and sex, so who’s to say Suh isn’t one of those people?

[Ndamukong Suh] is very religious too, and respectful . She a very emotional person and we certainly know Ndamukong is as well — oftentimes to a fault. Back in April, Jones and Suh spent time together in Iowa but Lolo said they were simply friends and that she was not dating anyone.

As I've been saying all season, it's a shame JB Smoove hasn't been given his own sub-plot line, instead just serving as Larry's consigliere, but there was still a lot to enjoy here.

Tim Tebow may not be the only football player Lolo Jones was anxious to meet after returning home from the London Olympics.