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17 Jul

According to , the suit claimed statements like "No artificial flavors or artificial preservatives" are misleading, because the food allegedly does contain things like caramel coloring and "unnatural" ingredients.The charges go back to 2010, and the accusations were met with a response from Ray's camp saying it should be dismissed, as all labeling was done to comply with legal guidelines.Not everything Ray has done has met with success, and when she talked to ABC News in 2009, they asked her about her ill-fated Dunkin' Donuts commercials.She responded by saying she not only respected Dunkin' Donuts for removing trans fat from their products, but that she saw nothing wrong with enjoy things like a donut in moderation. "Not for a minute." Her unwavering support wasn't enough to keep the commercials on the air, and the reported in 2008 the commercials had been pulled over outrage directed at Ray for her scarf.She was wearing a black and white scarf some groups said was too reminiscent of extremism and terrorist organizations, and even though Dunkin' Brands released a statement saying it was just a paisley scarf a stylist had picked for the shoot, they still pulled the commercials.

Manny isn't exactly working in the Ray conglomerate, but he gets food named for him, like a sweet little chili dish.

Their mom, Elsa Scuderi, may be the best known family member, given how much Rachael talks about her.

Still some uneasy feelings remained with Rachael missing the funeral, but Manny explained that she was recording her show and unable to attend.