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23 Jun

“The additions we did make have not all worked out as hoped but my biggest regret is the fact my assistant Martin Devlin is now without a club as he is a wonderful coach who has worked his socks off here at Cumnock and you won’t find any of our players with a bad word to say about his training drills.“The accused confirmed that the username was his and he had accepted that he had left his phone on the bus.“When he was questioned about the two videos, he said he was given them through Whatsapp and he had forwarded them – he thought that he had deleted them.” Sheriff Mac Taggart deferred Jackson’s sentence for a full risk assessment and a criminal justice social work report as well as a sex offender’s notification.“In the video she pushed the boy and grabbed his trousers, revealing his body parts.“The handset was handed into Cumnock Police Station and with further investigation, another video was discovered, showing a naked male with a two-year-old child, touching his private parts.

Thursday, October 12: Isle of Man v Northern Ireland (New Tinto Park, 7pm), Scotland v Republic of Ireland (New Western Park, 7pm).Saturday, October 14: Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland (Mc Kenna Park, 2.30pm), Scotland v Isle of Man (Newlandsfield, 2.30pm).Defence solicitor Mr Duffy, was speaking on Jackson’s behalf for Tony Currie, and he agreed with Sheriff Mac Taggart decision.