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30 Jul

The rain is tipping down in Bath and four teenage boys are trying — with limited success — to manoeuvre a pram up a gravel path. ‘She’s a bit wet, but she’ll survive.’At least the baby isn’t real — she’s a doll, used to teach students at Norland College, Britain’s most prestigious nanny training school, about taking care of young infants. Meet the ‘mannies’ — the largest ever intake of male students in the college’s 125-year history. It’s a far-from-typical career path for an 18-year-old boy, to say the least. But this year, the school saw record numbers of male applicants, four of whom are now taking its degree in Early Years Development and Learning.Extract from the 1876 first edition OS map, from the west side of the high street.61 High Street is occupied by the Queen’s Head inn.

Internally, the shape and size of individual properties has varied significantly over time, reflecting changing economic, demographic and technological trends.

The 20 century in particular saw sweeping changes to areas of the high street.

From there we layered the maps, drawing around the border of each property using different colours to make it easy to differentiate between them.

Areas where the borders had shifted were then clearly visible, indicating where and when development had occurred.

The biggest and most obvious changes have occurred by the OS map of 1974.