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01 Aug

I think what happens is we're taking dates just to take dates and then we're like ' Eh, the blind date didn't turn out to be like the picture online' or ' My friend didn't really think about what I wanted.' I think less dating, more quality.Sinai before I can settle down, buy the house, you know, get it together.' Or is he saying this is the way it is, take it or leave it?Cause then you have a choice..have to decide, what's in it for you?"Patti's Tip: Not getting discouraged."There's too much competition, especially in New York City where it's 5:1 [women to men]. ' He'll say '35.' You know by 33, 32, he's looking for a wife because he's gonna take a year to find her, a year to get in a relationship and get engaged, and a year to get married, and a year to have a kid.The competition is you go ' I'm gonna end up being alone.' It's like you basically create these dramas and these stories in your head. It keeps you clear and gives you confidence."Patti's Tip: How to know his marriage/kids timeline."If you want kids, this is what I would say in the beginning if I was dating someone. That's within five years—30 to 35—so you know that that's his plan, and men usually stick to their plan."Patti's Tip: What to say when he's not giving you what you deserve."Look, you're not on my page, I'm not on yours, and I don't want to hold you up.

And if you're single for three or four months, it just means you're gearing up for the right one."Patti's Tip: Forget "getting" the guy. "Another problem we're having as women is we care about what they think about us. I think that's the first question you have to ask. Do you really see yourself living out of state where you don't want to live? "Patti's Tip: Why guys don't call after a great date."People always wonder, why does he not call?Do you see yourself liking his job and hearing about his work stories every day? Cause it's always like ' Oh, can I get him? I've had dates where we've made out, closed the restaurant, and like literally were practically going to his house until I stopped him. Now, first of all, let me tell you how we process on the date.That's the kind of confidence and spine that you need to attract the good ones.The good one are not like dead whales lying on the beach—they're swimming in the ocean.We go, ' Oh, you went to the school my friend went to. Oh, we went to college together, camp together, whatever.And you're going check, check, check, he's so cute, good job, he wants kids, check, check, check. As founder of The Tig.com, Markle is looking to share her love of food, wine, fashion, and travel.I wrote an article that's near and dear to my heart - I hope you'll take a little time to read it today!

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