Build dating healthy mating relating relationship

06 Apr

Every hope has the ability to inspirit or dishearten us.

And, eventually Shambhala students learn how to adventure into the ways in which they can create communities of individuals committed to Self-celebration.

Through the ages dating or courting is the primary process by which people attempt to find and secure that “special” person: a person you can center your life around.

It is these romantic illusions that give us the strongest impetus to seek out, secure, and center our lives around another.

Especially in these more modern times, these romantic illusions are crucial to pair bonding, for there are few, if any, non-romantic reasons for opposite sex pair bonding. Female survival is not dependent upon securing one “special” man.

It is crucial to the success of the dating, courting, mating process that prospective partners avoid Knowing each other at any depth, because familiarity not only breeds contempt, but Knowing one another interferes with the romantic illusions of prince/princessing.