Who is ace from the real world dating

25 May

The seasons are always different with a new twist and some of your favourites cast members always come back into the game the following season their not just gone for good after a season.With everyone out for themselves, stealing an entire bank account from another player, forcing players to be shackled together during another challenge or selecting players to stay up the entire night before a challenge, will surely shake up the competition and heighten the drama, doubt, and deception in the house.This is a true story: 10 years ago, Southern Charm ’s Cameran Eubanks was one of the seven strangers picked to live in a house in San Diego. Their lives were taped to find out what happens when people stop being po— well, she stayed relatively polite (she is a Southern belle, after all), but she did get real.It somehow stunts their emotional growth." She calls this stunted emotional growth “PPS: Peter Pan Syndrome.”WINNER: Close call, but I'm giving this one to RW Cameran. "All the negativity only boosts our rating for the show."WINNER: As rational and hip to the sitch as SC Cameran's answer is, I cannot get over RW Cameran's response. RW Cameran: 4SC Cameran: 2Will SC Cameran manage to dethrone RW Cameran as the current Southern Charm season unfolds?Her saying her BF is nothing more than a "trophy" is so amazingly snarky. RW Cameran was very wrong about not doing reality TV again (see: The Challenge, Southern Charm), but she was so right about reality TV going insane. I reckon it is our duty to keep watching and to get that answer.

That was a tediously protracted way of saying Southern Charm's Cameran was on The Real World back in 2004.She was funny and likable then, and she's funny and likable now. If she ever decides to write an autobiography, she should call it Real Charm. As lovely as Cameran was then and is now, we couldn't help but wonder who makes a better reality star: 19-year-old Real World Cameran or 30-year-old Southern Charm Cameran?Pull up a chair, order a beer and a Pop Tart for Cameran, and listen to the knowledge she is serving. "Cameran is one of the rare girls in Charleston that's actually one of the guys," Shep Rose says. Yes, I'm aware I selected the poop quote as her motto on her behalf. Well, in the aforementioned NY Post profile, she said, “Oh, no."Because she's so beautiful, you can never imagine that right off. The naive/sheltered/innocent archetype is always a great reality TV character. I think reality TV has gone insane."Southern Charm: "I said no many times to doing [the show].We made an agreement it wouldn't be awkward." However, for all of us who have seen the trailer for the new season, we do see an castmate asking Melinda "how could you divorce this kid? Melinda, who has been on a total of four challenges, says now she is happy with where her life is. Although she's lived with some of these people before, Melinda gave us a little hint that although she has a super goofy personality, we may get to see her more...

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