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18 Mar

In 1952 the brothers opened a 10,000 square foot store in Chicopee, MA, near the Westover Air Base.

Shop Rite still has their Senior Discounts, therefore, I will be going back to them unless you start treating us Seniors much better than you are now. Reply I always shopped at Big Y in Wilbraham and it is a fantastic store. We have this policy to encourage our customers to shop with a trusted balloon retailer.

I love a few of the clerks in your North Branford and hate to loose them as friends, but my pocket book is looking much slimmer than it ever has before. I cannot say the same for the produce department at the Spencer store. Many times customers bring in balloons from elsewhere and they are defective.

Being a senior shopper I am not that up on the works of my I Phone or I Pad and these two young ladies took the time to help me straighten it out and sign me up for everything I was interested in. First of all, your plastic bags are very thin and ripe very easily. Second, taking away Senior Discount is devastating. I am a small family of 3 and while I may not shop too much with Big Y, I am a customer.

You along with the rest of the world have it in for us. I hope this is not the kind of response you find acceptable from your employees. Helium is extremely expensive, the balloon equates to a few cents – the rest comes from helium.

Brothers Paul and Gerry D’Amour bought the Y Cash Market in Chicopee, MA in 1936.

Y Cash Market was at an intersection where two roads converged to form a Y.

I have also been finding ones with lines and when those are baked they are slimy.

I give my dogs baked chicken each night and this week me and one of my dogs has had a stomach issue and I know it is from the chicken.

the Cashier was taking the customers in front of me.

when my turn came in, the cashier told me that his counter is closed and cannot take me. and a lady cashier #4371 rang me at pm under transaction #2207. Reply I been going to store 3 for years im not happy with foodservice they are rude the chickens are over cooked management is rude i go there for lunch everyday i will not be going there anytime soon i miss all the girls from before i see all new faces not friendly Reply i was at your big y store in North Branford on Wednesday night ordering a cake, and saw u make pizzas and subs, the two guys working in pizza area were, so helpful, i had no idea you made subs and pizza, they explained what i can get in subs and pizza, they were so helpful with helping me set my order up for my son’s birthday party, they recommended me to get this power pack deal that saved me money on getting everything together, they were so nice and helpful that i had th say something, i will be back because of those two nice guys and will recommend the pizza department to everyone Reply Hello I work for the Southbridge, Ma store and im trying to organize something for Big Y to have the CEO to try to have a meeting with all of the big y stores come together to send us employees to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.