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24 Jun

Intracranial hypotension is a condition where the pressure and/or volume of fluid (cerebrospinal fluid or CSF) that surrounds, cushions and cleanses the brain drops.

A mother-of-three has to avoid laughing as it feels like her skull is being stabbed with nails because of a rare condition which causes her brain to leak.

Angela Chapman, 39, from Glenrothes, Fife, suffers from spontaneous intracranial hypotension which affects one in 50,000 people.

Her doctor prescribed painkillers, together with medication for arthritis.

Still, the pain meant she had to lie down for hours on end and a month later, she returned to her GP, who sent her for an MRI scan.

Known as 'brain sag', this causes severe pain, which is worse when standing.The exact cause of her leak is not known, but after undergoing an epidural blood patch – a surgical procedure to close holes in the dura - in October and again in December 2015, some of the pain subsided.One of the best kept 16th century houses in Scotland Beautifully restored by Sir Robert Lorimer. Sitting room with fully panelled coombed ceiling and walls. Kitchen with vaulted ceiling with decorative plaster work, wooden floor and wall cupboards, sink unit. There are also herbaceous borders and shrub borders.World famous walled garden Location Earlshall is set in 34 acres of its own parkland and policy woodland near the village of Leuchars in north east Fife. Second Floor Bedroom with vaulted ceiling with decorative plasterwork. Spiral stairs up to first floor sitting room with low ceiling with beam. Steps down to bathroom with bath, shower, WC and two wash basins. 5 car garage Built of brick with a corrugated roof and sliding doors opening to front of castle. Dowry House In the north west corner of the walled garden is a small tower with accommodation comprising a kitchen with marble work surface, sink, electric cooker and washing machine. Outside stairs to wooden panelled room on first floor with vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace. Apple and fruit trees surround the vegetable garden.This is normally caused by a hole or tear forming in the dura, which is the membrane that contains the fluid, leading to a CSF leak.While CSF leaks can happen spontaneously or as a result of trauma, a common cause can be spinal procedures involving needles, such as lumbar puncture or epidural/spinal anaesthetic.When she was cooing over her newborn, she felt an extreme pain in her head and neck.She said: 'I was leaning over Jacob, saying "coochy coo", and I felt like there were pins or nails being pushed inside my skull into my brain.'I’d suffered with migraines in the past, but I knew this was different.'Hoping the pain would fade, the former catering assistant tried to put it out of her mind.