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Since then the inner circle has gradually expanded and now embraces members in Cassis, Avignon, Paris, Tunisia and even landlocked Switzerland.Check with the Marseille Tourist Office for details.North of the Old Port, overlooking the Catalans beach is another bouillabaisse institution, Chez Michel, a venerable fish restaurant dating back to 1946.Click here to book a hotel in Provence You'll find out here just what it is, where - and how - to eat the best bouillabaisse or to learn how to cook it and how some of the Marseille's top chefs are revolutionising this classic dish.According to some, bouillabaisse was brought to Marseille by the Ancient Greeks in 600 BC, though many Marseillais prefer the more colourful myth that it was the soup made by the Roman goddess Venus to send her husband, Vulcan, to sleep so that she could pursue her love affair with Mars.

The charter begins, rather splendidly, , which is not one of those "land" cigales or cicadas which squawk in trees all summer long, but a lobster-like crustacean.

Among the other ingredients should be onions, tomatoes, potatoes, fennel, parsley, , garlic, olive oil and saffron.

You can't go to Marseille without eating a bouillabaisse.