Reviews of pre dating speed dating

24 Jan

8th of this year we celebrated our fabulous wedding with friends and family, followed by the most wonderful honeymoon in France! ” Pre-Dating’s devotion to its clients even extends beyond the typical 9-5, M-F.Attendees are usually either in a special trade or the business field, such as medical, law, or marketing.And whether they have a higher education degree or professional on-the-job experience, they’re all successful at what they do.“We create an atmosphere where you’re forced to talk to somebody for six minutes. But if you do like the person, those six minutes can go by like 30 seconds,” Michael said.Over the last 15 years, Pre-Dating has been responsible for more than 5.3 million speed dates, and they’ve been able to reach those milestones because they listen to singles and adapt the system as needed, which singles say they appreciate.

Pre-Dating truly cares about your dating success, which is why they put these measures into place.

Not only are they helping you conquer the all-important meet-up, but they’re also offering you a dating alternative — instead of online dating, getting set up by friends, or going up to strangers while out and about.

Event Coordinators give out their numbers and emails and are readily available if you have any questions, while the customer service hotline can take your call as late as 10 p.m.