Allow automatic updating android market

24 Dec

To be considered, there has to be regular firmware updates. but there has to be a history of firmware updates after a device is released.

Note: Element Technologies recently changed their name to EZ-Stream.

You may see some references to this box as the Element Ti8 or the EZ Stream Ti8. EZ-Stream has put together one of the best fully-loaded TV boxes I’ve seen in a long time.

The reality is that, if you get the wrong one, they can be more trouble than they’re worth.

When this article was originally posted, it highlighted three XBMC box manufacturers that tried to include all of the add-ons that anyone could possibly want to use.

To make it easier, many companies have simply stripped out the add-ons, but set up tutorials on how to install them after you purchase their device – sidestepping the law.Later that month, the first person charged with selling TV boxes in the UK which are able to stream illegal content is heading to trial.You won’t find any sellers that just sell the TV box and disappear. You need to have an active forum network with both company representatives and end-users who will gladly help out other users who have issues. In short, you need to be taken care of after the sale.That should be a basic requirement, but surprisingly, most companies get this one wrong.Then, there were a couple of high-profile legal cases in the United Kingdom and Europe that changed the marketplace significantly.Early in September, the EU passed a law that box sellers will now have to verify that the links they include with their TV boxes do not infringe on any possible copyright laws.If something is more expensive than it’s competition, there better be a really good reason. So trust me when I say that I’m confident in the quality of their products. If a device costs 0, does it look, feel and act like a 0 product?Both EZ-Stream (formerly Element Technologies) and Sky Stream One are doing things the right way.