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05 Mar

NOTE: I used the sudo -i command to gain root privileges to system.You will need to ensure you are root when from this point forward. Part V: Setting up Security Onion Congratulations you have installed Security Onion Part VI: Using Security Onion The first thing we will want to do is update the Snort rules in Security Onion.Open up a terminal window and enure you have root privileges.It’s based on Ubuntu and contains Snort, Suricata, Bro, Sguil, Squert, Snorby, ELSA, Xplico, Network Miner, and many other security tools.Security Onion is a platform that allows you to monitor your network for security alerts.

You will use the email address and password you created during the setup script in Part V to login. Security incidents can be created based on rules (or multiple events).

You may not have many alerts at this point, however, if you navigate to the “Events” menu bar, you should start seeing some traffic (assuming your monitoring interface is setup correctly). In this scenario you can see we have Dropbox and Bit Torrent traffic.