Alec baldwin dating now

06 May

But since meeting Thomas, friends say, the actor looks trimmer and more youthful.

He just kept looking at me and I finally walked over to his table. I must know you.’”The pick-up line—straight from the mouth of Jack Donaghy— sparked an instant connection.

The two talked for 10 minutes before exchanging numbers.

What they ate: An assortment of sushi and iced teas. Give me three reasons why you would make the perfect date for Alec Baldwin.

CR: Your career has spanned from leading man to tough guy to the loutish but kind of charming character.

Yoga Vida’s 65-minute, Vinyasa-style classes offer an invigorating workout, with an emphasis on mind-body awareness.“Yoga is ultimately about being present, and I don’t believe being present is clearing your mind and thinking about rainbows and sunflowers,” Thomas said, adding that she doesn’t chant or om like more traditional yogis.