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05 Mar

Fed up with my new state of the art debacle…Can you help? Make sure to follow the solutions provided for the rest of the guys above for your email problem.

I have cleared the cache, deleted the data, uninstalled the app and all updates. I have even turned off two factor in case an app password was the issue.

I am also in the process of talking to microsoft about this. As I have come to search on Google, I am not the only one with this issue and it appears Samsung might still be using the hotmail link for EAS instead of outlook.

Email sync problems are some of the common troubles shared to us by some S6 and S6 Edge users so this post is our answer for their request for assistance.

It must be noted that error problems happen due to a number of factors and that no two cases may not necessarily have the same solution.

If you have your own #Samsung Galaxy S6emailsyncsolutions to share, they are most welcome all the time.Please use the link provided at the bottom of the page to contact us. I am using the app that came with the phone (not Gmail app).As this problem can be caused by rogue third party apps as well, we recommend that you be careful with the apps you put in your phone.