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03 May

1) What are your fondest (best) memories of high school? 2) What classifications of students existed in your high school (e.g. : A list has recently spread around the Internet entitled “11 Things Kids Will Not Learn in School.” The list has been incorrectly attributed to Bill Gates, who supposedly read it at lecture to high school students.For example, at a recent gig in Seattle the former Washingtonian did a lot more than skirt around the subject of racism when talking about his parents, and his ethnicity.“I’m half-white, half-Filipino—which means my dad was in the military,” Koy said, eliciting a burst of laughter from the audience.…Higher food miles mean a bigger carbon footprint due to the CO2-emitting trucks carrying the…Political humor isn’t Jo Koy’s thing, but that doesn’t mean the standup comedian’s material is void of topical anecdotes—it simply means they’re cloaked in stories about his family.

Music scenes, including ours, have traditionally been boys’ clubs—but the Wednesdays win in this category is a welcome indication of a change that has been a long time in coming.Unabashedly feminist and unapologetically political, the Wednesdays are making music with a message—and people are listening.Now in its 18th year, the Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival offers 25 films on timely topics, including environmental activism, health care, indigenous rights in the Americas, prisons, and women’s issues.Many events are facilitated, and in some cases the filmmakers are on hand to discuss their work.Like the FPP, the Kavli Prize is very recent, first being awarded in 2008.One of its first recipients was Donald Lynden-Bell of Cambridge University, President of the Royal Astronomical Society.Five bald eagles watched me turn off Highway 11 on my way to see “Flight of Fancy,” the new show of works by 50 artists at Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison. What better place to mount an avian art show than in the Skagit Valley, where you can count as many as 362 species, plus 50,000 migrating geese and swans?Vikki Jackson’s heron portrait, “Sentinel,” stands watch at the entrance.