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02 Aug

He was presenting his graduation work and he invited me to work with him, and that’s how I started off.Actress Idalmis García has been living and working for three years between New York and Havana.“I haven’t left, I just moved away a little and I always return,” she said to On Cuba.Knowing how to listen when acting, that is my secret. Building characters is seeking inside them and seeing what I can contribute to create them.Being connected and living under imaginary circumstances is truly indispensable when acting.

story called "The Hacker Is Watching" about Luis Miljangos, a disabled young man in California who hacked his way into computer webcams in order to watch his victims – the remote-access version of the trick the kids in used to watch their specter while they were sleeping.

Miljangos was labeled a "sextortionist" by the Department of Justice for taking sexually explicit photos from his victims' computers and then threatening to post them online – a threat he used to try and extort webcam sex and explicit videos from women.

Over there they are very avid and expectant regarding our culture.

When I got here, , a film in which I work and that speaks a bit about relations between both countries, had just been premiered.