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30 Jun

He said: “Our members feel like they are in a dilemma – do you put in more effort to churn out more meals, meaning you maintain your business but with much more work and much less profit, or do you leave and run the risk you go out of business.“They worry that it gives the platforms too much power over their destiny.”Mr Chan added that Just Eat had approached him to discuss gaining accreditation from his organisation, but he declined because of the concerns of his members.

Just Eat – the biggest takeaway web platform in the UK – typically charges each takeaway a joining fee and takes a cut of every order received – of around 12 per cent.

Extra charges can be added to allow a takeaway to appear higher up the list.

Pizza: Recently pushed Chinese into second place thanks to the growing appetite for authentic Italian pizzas, with sourdough bases and buffalo mozzarella.

Chinese: A firm favourite of takeaway fans, Chinese food has topped the list for the past decade but has slipped as customers look for healthy options.

Mr Khan added that Just Eat also pushed its listed businesses to offer 20 per cent off online orders – which the takeaway must cover, further squeezing profits, although Just Eat insisted this was mainly Mondays to Thursdays during quiet periods.

Just Eat has grown rapidly in recent years after being founded by the Danish businessman Jesper Buch in 2000.

African: Another fast growing area, foodies are keen to experience more exotic foods and a more diverse population is helping this cuisine grow.