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26 Feb

The ability to hypnotize does not qualify a person to treat others; for that, a post-graduate degree in psychiatry or clinical psychology allied to a solid grounding in hypnotic phenomena are required.

The sleep metaphor came to be reconciled, to a degree, with suggestibility theory in the latter part of the 19th Century in France. He also viewed suggestion as essential in actuating the hypnotic process, in which the hypnotized person became an automaton, unable to resist the demands of the hypnotist.

Towards the end of the 19th Century, two "schools" of hypnosis emerged in France.

It performed some quite sophisticated experiments on magnetic phenomena.

With the magnetically "adept" person separated from the magnetist by a paper screen so that they could not see each other, the Commissioners found that the patient frequently showed magnetic effects when the magnetist was not magnetizing, and did not show these effects on other occasions when he was.

In 1784, A Royal Commission of Inquiry into Animal Magnetism was established.It was headed by Benjamin Franklin, and included some of the leading scientists of the day such as Lavoisier, the chemist, and Guillotine, the inventor.