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28 Jun

The chain currently has over 7000 stores in 44 states and opens 300-500 new stores each year.This is not a very big store recently we have lost K-mart and Safeway it would be nice if this store could move into one of these locations and expand.I am not going to complain I know it is difficult in small communities to keep good people, I have no bad comments about the employees for management I would just love to see a bigger store., Also the one in Lander WY could also be expanded it has merchandise everywhere. Reply Unfortunately I am writing to add to the numerous complaints that people have shared about this company.I was told this is store policy but there are no visible signs stating this nor are there any secure locations to “leave” my backpack which is securely zipped and on my back I will no longer be a customer and I will inform family and friends not to shop there either.Reply I would like to see the Riverton, WY store expand.

Not permitted to pay overtime to other assistant even though they are saving money not paying an additional full time ASM salary.Manager has been working 15 hour shifts with NO days off and NO recourse.