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27 Jul

It is your chance to become progressive, to think outside the box and become part of the change that will revolutionize Latin American media. It takes the special bonding of working together, helping each other with advice, discussing the problems that need overcoming and taking an active stand of support for each other.

There’s a new online series that focuses 100% on Latinas working in media.

The first season kicked off featuring East coast Latina writers and producers with a unique perspective on the progress, or lack thereof, being made by Latinos in the industry.

I’m an actor, writer, producer, director and an attorney devoted to bringing the Latina voice to the forefront.

Here’s a little review of how launched: The Misrepresented American To all appearances, or at least the appearances of mainstream media, Latin Americans have successfully gained a prominent position in the filmmaking arts.

If the Latin American community is diverse, it still faces similar problems.Acknowledgment of their contributions to society remains minimal, as well as recognition concerning degree of education and an ability to articulate intelligently and cohesively on political and social affairs.The series has struck a nerve within the Latina community.Come August 2014, is a talk show created by author Linda Nieves-Powell and I, Vanessa Verduga, also co-executive produce the series.When the Invisible Becomes Visualized In a land where individualism has been the heralding call for creativity and ingenuity, there is a growing realization that it takes a team to arrive at true accomplishment.