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16 Jun

” It is important to set up physical standards, and abide by them.

First of all, avoid saying and doing romantic things early on.

Romantic terms of endearment can and will usually get the heart going much faster than it should, thus keeping the person from being objective during this critical beginning stage in the relationship.

What a great opportunity for discussion between the two of you! If you believe God is leading you two closer together, talk about it.

Open Communication As you get to know each other better, ask questions. Cultivate a relationship that is built on open communication. Starting now with open communication will help set up for a healthy pattern for a marriage, should God lead in that direction.

I would like to wrap up this series on “Dating Done Differently” by sharing some important principles to keep in mind. During the beginning of a relationship, most people don’t know 100% whether God is leading them together in marriage or not.

Remember, as we discussed in the second post of the series, the purpose of the Dating/Courting relationship is to prayerfully see if God is leading the two of you together in marriage while keeping Christ first, and pursuing the best interest of the other. This is why it is a very good idea to use the first few months of this bran new relationship as an opportunity to ask more intentional questions, finding more important facts about the person .