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06 Apr

Clients who seek out virtual pleasure from an escort should take the same precautions that a client who books physical encounters with escorts does.

Whether or not a virtual encounter with an escort is cheating is up for debate.

Clients may need to work this out with their partners.

Beth: Beth is a 42 year old married woman with two children requesting a consultation regarding her husband Frank's behavior and her marital situation.

She had discovered Frank had been visiting porn sites on his computer.

He has not begun drinking but is again "medicating" his anxiety by spending large chunks of time watching cyber-porn.He presented to treatment after becoming increasingly more agitated, depressed, ashamed and "fed-up" with himself.These virtual encounters are often sought out by clients who are shy, confined to their homes (or other locations) or aren’t ready for a physical affair.Many times, clients seek out this type of an escort encounter, because it makes them feel that their wedding vows are kept intact.He acknowledges that his compulsion has hurt his relationship and his sex life.He is extremely ambivalent about his relationship but has not talked about his feelings openly with Dora.And the Internet has drastically changed the face of society’s moral code when it comes to sex, marriage and casual encounters. The new wave of online adult industry entertainment involves actual encounters experienced through a virtual connection.