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18 Jan

Obtaining Replica Sword through the Vending Machine for 50 Monocoins will trigger an opportunity for a bonus cutscene during Chapter 1 (also accessible by replaying Chapter 1 from the Chapter Select screen). The sound changes depending on which side you play. The outer side produces a light, happy sound, while the inner side produces an dark, heavy sound. Collapsible Fishing RodボールペンロッドA fishing rod designed so you can enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere. However, this item will also amplify the sound of the shot to sound like a tiger's roar. Small Degenerated Reactor小型縮退炉A powerful organization used nuclear fission to repeatedly degenerate gravity and create miniature black holes for the purpose of researching alternate sources of energy. American ClackerアメリカンクラッカーA toy consisting of two balls tied with string. You play with it by swinging the balls together to produce a "clack clack" sound.

With its high-quality fashion sense and brightness, it increases the wearer's visibility by 10 percent.031. Earring of Crushed Evil破邪のピアスAn earring created by the legendary home tutor. Crafted from silver and gold into the shape of a wing.