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09 Apr

The bill opened with Bankoff and Girlie, followed by "Little Cleo" Gas- coigne, Morris Cronin and His Merry Men, "Rube" Dickinson, "The Bride Shop," Cross and Josephine, and Three Beautiful Types. Two others were killed and several injured in the acci- dent.The jeweller and the police first asked the actress for 1100, but when they found she could get that amount they raised the ante to 0. Prince's ("On His Majesty's Service," melodrama), doing badly; Queen's ("Potash and Perlmutter"), ,760; Royalty ('The Man Who Stayed at Home"), ,500. Arthur Bourchier will produce a new melodrama at the Garrick in January. John Lawson, the music hall sketch actor, is ill and has been compelled to cancel alt present bookings. The police regulations, permitting the reopening of the Paris theatres, stipulate that the evening performance must terminate by 11 o'clock. Any manager advertising his program before it has been approved or cen- sored by the authorities, will not be allowed to open. Artists are claiming that in some cases throughout the country managers are padding bills to an extent that makes acts playing in certain theatres walk about but collect their share of the money taken in under the co-opera- tive plan. Shirley Kellog, late of the London Hippodrome, is appearing In a minia- ture revue with a company of sik peo- ple on the Moss Circuit in the prov- inces. We will, through our legal department, bring action against all managers for this extra money, if our mem- bers will file their claims with our office and refuse to sign a receipt in full when their salary is offered them Saturday or Sunday night of this week. When all decent men and women of the stage are within our ranks we will become a tower of strength and the managers who are our natural business opponents will gladly meet us and agree to our just demands. Grey," entirely wrong as the world knows my name is spelled "Gray." The same thing that made him think my name was spelled with an £ made him think he saw a joke book in my room. I don't care to state what it was (but I got all the checks the waiter left on the table). At eleven, accord- ing to Lemaire's story, Lovenberg ap- peared in his room and woke him up, demanding to know if the act intended playing.When the special messenger arrived with the money for the actress and she paid it over to the jeweller in Police Headquarters, she was released without the formality of taking her before a magistrate of any sort, besides having a ticket and berth presented to her for her next vaudeville stand. Robert Lorraine, the actor-aviator, believed to be fatally wounded last week while doing a reconnaisance in his flying machine, is now reported as all right. Savoy ("Alice In Wonderland"), nothing; Shaftesbury ("Henry the Fifth"), bad business; Vaudeville ("Our Boys"), poorly; Wyndham's (Gerald Du Marier in "Raffles"), no business. It is called "A Daughter of England." The prices will be cut in half and two shows will be given a night. The Salle Villier has been renamed the Theatre Albert I (a compliment to the King of the Belgians), but some protests have already been heard that a light and risque sketch in which Irene Bordini appears, is prominently billed on the same poster as the Mar- seilaise, the singing of which is given as a feature. Baretta, the musical conductor, is acting as temporary manager of the Olympia, on behalf of the company. The acts actually playing on these bills have to stand for their salaries being cut in order to pay those who walk about for the week. If the man- ager refuses to pay you until you sign in full, sign under protest or do not sign at all. We will collect it, including the amount due for extra performance. The stronger the Actors' organization becomes, the more respect the manager haa for the actor and the actress. If you hold aloof from the White Rats, prepare for another cut in salary and for more extra performances without pay, when it suits the manager's purpose. The accuser, Gene Buck, has caused to be published in the public prints a statement to the effect that he was going to write the "Book" for "The Follies." When the producer, Flo Ziegfeld, was asked: "Is it true that Gene Buck is going to write the book of the 'Follies? Dailey has been appointed Chairman of the House Committee of the White Rats in place of Mr. Lemaire replied it would if billed properly, when the Keith man- ager ordered an officer who had ac- companied him, to take Lemaire into custody. He died in an ambulance on the way to the City Hospital. Dickinson, who was standing beneath the structure, was crushed when it fell, suffering a fracture of the skull.

This may be the time that will be taken to com- plete the contemplated alterations on Hammerstein's. This is approximately half a million more than last year's total. It is her first appearance upon Broadway since returning to vaudeville. Barrie sketch, which deals with the current war conditions, and which opened at the Coliseum, with Irene Van Brugh and Norman Mc Kinnell, is a failure. Barrie's revue at the Duke of York's theatre, under the manage- ment of Charles Frohman. Her latest appearances were in "His Doll Girl," which Johnny Galvin now states he will never appear in again. Seeing in the Pro- vidence paper advertisements in New York last Sunday they were not so placed, they had wired Lovenberg, who evidently prepared himself in advance, as Lemaire said they had had no reply until he was arrested. "Miss Tommy" is slated to go on tour in January, with Annie Hughes, the English actress, featured.No start for the remodeling will be attempted while business continues at a profitable or even-break gait. ROLL BEHIND "DEBUTANTE." Hazel Dawn in "The Debutante" has a new lease of life at the Knickerbocker and the company will remain there until Feb. The author's name drew in big busi- ness the opening night, with the audi- ence mostly composed of the "best people." mmmmm m GABY LEAVES PALACE. Gaby Deslys did not play her last week at the Palace through trouble with her throat, for which she has un- dergone an operation. Around the Palace theatre building this week it was said there has been a bitter feeling between the act and Lovenberg for a long while, the man- ager having expressed an opinion as to the value of the turn, and the actors in return often publicly giving their uncomplimentary impression of the manager. "The Elopers" is reported as being framed for a road tour through the middle west.

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