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06 Apr

'We worked closely with Louisville Zoo's gorilla staff to learn Mshindi's trained behaviors for body presentations and health exams to get familiar with his likes and dislikes,' Ron Evans, Curator of Primates at the zoo, told Fox 19.

A group of Grant County middle and high school students recently learned this the hard way, according to Sheriff Chuck Dills.

After one classmate complained to teachers about a nude photo-sharing ring at the school, authorities discovered nearly 140 separate images that had been circulated among a group of 10 students.

For those who aren’t experienced yoga buffs, it’s often hard to see the muscles being affected by the poses, especially when the instructor is fully clothed.

These photos, thanks to perfect lighting, highlight the muscle tones being worked out by each unique position.

He recommends that parents stay aware of the tricks children can use to hide unsavory content on their phones, including special apps meant to disguise photo albums or web browsers as ordinary things.

A cursory search on the Apple Store reveals high-rated apps including Calculator , Calculator Vault and Keep Safe Photo Vault that hide photo albums behind the mask of the i Phone's built-in calculator."Our message to parents is, ‘Monitor what your children are doing, check their social media accounts, check their phones,'" Dills said.

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