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06 Apr

With cell phone evidence and issued apologies, this has iced the metaphorical cake — the cake being 2017 and the stressful, mounting layers of psychic, national blows I have taken personally, sadly, despite trying not [email protected] Did you guys miss out the West in the Indian ?Whether it's knocking down wickets or slamming sixes, there's no one else that does it faster 🏏 I am the answer to #Who Is The All Rounder…As a female chef in a busy, dynamic, swirling work environment that is scrutinized daily, a huge part of my job, over that last 17 years, has been to understand what makes a safe environment for all employees, and what makes a work environment toxic and unsustainable. To be a restaurant owner in California, some days or weeks or months, it ain’t about the cooking.It’s about comprehending that the complex role of chef-owner is to protect the very employees who make the place sparkle with precision and passion, and fill the place with your vision and dreams.

And while she isn't known as a writer the way Lynn is, her early discography revealed an ear for a well-curated set of songs.