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08 Jan

It all works out in the end, with the fighter pilot getting the girl (no Top Gun subtext here) and the rookie young officer becomes a Man.As players take to the seas and command a huge variety of ships in an equally as varied choice of theaters and historical conflicts, naval officers and naval strategy fans alike will revel the depth and richness of Larry Bond's Harpoon – Commander’s Edition.Experience realistic gameplay with all new features, art, and more!Harpoon strikes the perfect balance of accuracy, playability, and accessibility.Review on Net Wargaming Italia.net8/10 - [Abstract from Italian] If you never played the Harpoon Series and you are interested in Aero-Naval Warfare, then don't miss it.

Kim Jong Il invades South Korea in a surprise attack, and it's up to the brave plucky men (and one woman) of the US and South Korean military to fight them off.

And the author tricked me in the end just like he did the NKs, which is unusual in these books. I just finished reading this book for the second time.

Still, a lot less jingoistic than most, and without the Mary Sues that pollute Clancy's offerings.

And the author tricked me in the end just like he did the NKs, wh A superior offering from the genre.

The first time was in the summer of 1999,ath the age of 24, shortly before I shipped off to Air Force boot camp.