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05 Aug

When culture and trends researcher Alison Hillhouse would Face Time with her toddler son Charlie’s grandparents, he would get antsy and lose interest.

If your daughter digs trucks, have a relative play with toy tractors on screen and narrate what they’re doing.

Your baby can be entertained by grandma shaping Play-Doh, or your tot may love to cook a simple meal together if Cousin Chris gives directions and encouragement over Face Time.

It's also a reaction to the growing awareness that many patients are wasting their money on costly and unnecessary tests and doctor visits.

One 2009 study by Thomson Reuters found that "unnecessary care"—including unnecessary tests meant to safeguard providers from liability—accounted for 0 billion to 5 billion in annual healthcare spending.

Children love music, so why not incorporate that interest through singing or playing songs?Alison recommends tapping into familiar rhymes like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” Bonus: these songs involve fun hand gestures that babies can start practicing and later master as toddlers.While telemedicine may never replace traditional in-person care, it does hold the promise of reducing such extraneous doctor visits, making care less costly and more convenient for both the patient and the provider.

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