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23 Jun

Out there I was never really involved in stuff like this, but it's alright. My family and friends are all in Alberta so being in British Columbia alone has left me longing for outside connection. I'm looking for friendship with the potential relationship.It was nice helping people get their lives back together from all of their losses after the fires. I love snowmobiling, down hill skiing, fishing, camping, hiking and having lots of fun. I enjoy adventure, mystery and conspiracy theories, also outdoor adventures, hiking, paddle boarding and contact sports.I'm looking for someone short in height, between the ages of 20 and 30 who is open minded, honest and not a game player. When I'm released I will continue trade school to acquire my Red Seal plumbing ticket as I enjoy building things and being handy. Well, I'm looking for a real cool chick to get to know. I enjoy making money and spending time with friends and family. I'm a smart guy, I enjoy reading and doing puzzles like sudoku and crosswords. I usually make the right decisions but something happened and I kinda went off for a bit. I'm a positive and outgoing man, creative and ambitious and I'm fun to talk to. I'm trying to create a new life for myself and change it in positive ways. It's important to me to have someone who wants to make life better for themselves, someone who pushes themselves and would want to contribute to the relationship as I am all about trying to live better and be better. I don't usually drink and I'm not a big drug guy but I smoke a lot of weed! I'm cool with kids so I don't mind if you have kids. I'm a Scorpio, a very physical person who enjoys intimacy.

So don't be shy, take a chance and holla at a brother. I like having a good time, going to the club, dancing, raves and music festivals. I love all types of music and cultures and I like learning and experiencing new things.

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