New york band dating drew barrymore

12 Jan

Thomas’s pal Hilton Goring opened the Los Angeles Yellow Pages, found a listing for a 24-hour wedding hot line and dialed 1-800-I MARRY U. Well, it took place in Thomas’s dimly lit bar, the Room, on Cahuenga Boulevard.Although Barrymore no longer works a strict 12-step program, she has steered clear of drugs and alcohol—until the champagne toast at the wedding.“Everybody goes through a period of trying to find themselves,” she says. “I may not be perfect, but I’m dedicated to feeling good.” Barrymore says that her decision not to communicate with her mother for the time being—they’ve been out of touch for a year now—is something she did for her own emotional health, “although now we haven’t spoken for so long it’s kind of awkward for both of us.” And of the wedding?“I’m sure she’ll find out about it,” says Drew, with a slight quaver in her voice.

“His death changed my focus on life,” says Thomas, recalling a need to expand his horizons. Last year he and a partner opened a second bar, the Room, across the street.

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