Updating facebook via mobile

11 Jun

These files are huge JSON blobs with unsorted keys, though, so changes to them would generate massive, difficult-to-review commits.

We made one final attempt to scale the npm client to work with the number of engineers at Facebook and the amount of code that we need to install.

We decided to zip the entire folder and upload it to an internal CDN so that both engineers and our continuous integration systems could download and extract the files consistently.

As we worked on this, we began speaking with engineers across the industry and found that they faced a similar set of problems and had attempted many of the same solutions, often focused on resolving a single issue at a time.

It became obvious that by collaborating on the whole set of problems the community was facing, we could develop a solution that worked for everyone.

In the Java Script community, engineers share hundreds of thousands of pieces of code so we can avoid rewriting basic components, libraries, or frameworks of our own.

Each piece of code may in turn depend on other pieces of code, and these dependencies are managed by package managers.