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25 Jun

He married his long-term girlfriend, Cat Deeley on 30 September 2012, in a private ceremony in Rome. Presently, he is enjoying his married life with wife, Cat Deeley and with son, Milo.

I said that it has been downgraded to a Glaswegian level: we don't kill each other but you put a football there and we'll still call someone an Orange bastard."He seems to expect to arouse strong feelings whenever he goes home.

One of the routines in his show deals with the perennial Irish refusal to reciprocate England's love of Ireland."There is this knee-jerk reaction which I quite like pointing out.

But there are comedic handcuffs that come with populist television.

I regret being in formats that didn't allow me to comedically show what I've got."With Love Island I was actually free to say what I wanted.

Kielty also takes the part of Kenneth's wife, bigoted father-in-law, Catholic boss and sundry other characters.In short, Kielty has dived in at the deep end."The shallow end doesn't really interest me. Having done Fame Academy, you know that even if someone sings badly, social etiquette will give you a round of applause. You either walk off stage thinking you're Jesus Christ or want to commit suicide. To do something like this, if it wasn't really scary it wasn't worth doing."He has also convinced himself that, without previous acting experience, he still has the tools to shoulder a 90-minute narrative on his own."When Irish people tell a story in a bar, no one will ever go, 'I'm sorry, there's too much embellishment here, you need to back off on the delivery and cut back on the accents.' I kind of think you grow up with that.There is a certain smoke and mirrors I believe that actors put around acting in order to keep people out of it.They want you to believe it's slightly more mysterious than it is."Whether he will still feel that the morning after the critics have been in remains to be seen. While everyone in Northern Ireland was traumatised by the period described in the play, as a 22-year-old impresario running his own stand-up club Kielty has a particular memory of sticking his head up out of the trenches."I remember we thought, 'Will we open, will we not?